Centrifugal Fans, Industrial Extractor Fans & Blowers Manufactured in the UK

Welcome to Fans and Blowers, a leading UK designer and manufacturer of industrial centrifugal fans and high pressure blowers available with ATEX certification. Fans and Blowers staff have collectively over 500 years of fan design and fabrication expertise and our products are installed on every continent and nearly every country on the planet.

Accreditation by 'Centre for Assessment' for Quality Management System to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. Centre for Assessment certificate number 16/4511.

With a proven track record extending over 40 years Fans and Blowers are at the pinnacle of the fan industry, designing innovative products from cutting edge centrifugal fans able to operate in extreme temperature environments to high pressure industrial extractor fans. Our competitively priced and high performance products are being used around the world, and we are so confident in our product that we offer a 3 year fan warranty in the UK.

Fans and Blowers was established in 1970 and we are now widely regarded as one of the best fan designers and manufacturers in the country. We have an extensive range of proven, ATEX-approved centrifugal fan designs suitable for most industrial applications, for more information and product specifications please click here.

We provide a complete application, design, manufacturing, testing and Site Service with International distributors including the United States.  

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Our team of industrial fan engineers are always available to discuss your requirements and applications.

For more information on our range of industrial extractor fans, blowers and centrifugal fans, please telephone 01278 784 004 fax us on 01278 786910 email [email protected] or contact us