The ATEX Directive was first introduced in 1994 and became law in the UK in 1996. It governs the protective systems and equipment in explosive environments and is known more specifically ATEX 94/9/EC becoming 2014/34/EU on 20th April 2016, but is commonly referred to as the ATEX Directive and is now EU law and any equipment, electrical or mechanical, for installation within the EU member states must now comply where there is a risk of explosion.

Industrial Fans, with their being several moving parts and electrical power supply, were identified as a potential source of ignition, and today has a standard set of guidelines around the manufacture of fans being used in hazardous areas.

At the present time, Fans and Blowers can manufacture industrial fans to Category 2G (Zone 1-gas), or 2D (Zone 21 – dust) and Category 3G (Zone 2-gas) or 3D (Zone 22-Dust)

In addition Motors can be supplied on our fans for:

– EExe - Increased Safety Motors
– EExd - Flameproof
– Ex N - Non-Sparking

Our ATEX certified fans can be manufactured using Stainless Steel, Mild Steel or Aluminium and our team of design experts will select the right material depending on the substances present in the atmosphere.

All of our ATEX fans are thoroughly tested and assessed to make sure the design features meet the requirements of the authorities standard and can certify the following:

  • BS EN 14986:2007 Design of Fans working in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • BS EN 13463-1:2001 & BS EN 13463-5:2003 Non electrical equipment for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres. 
  • BS 8487:2007+A1:2013 - Construction of gas boosters

If you have any questions about our ATEX fans, please view our product range or call our technical sales team on 01278 784004