High Temperature Fans


With our extensive history and experience of high temperature centrifugal fans of all types, we are able to advise on hot gas fans for use in extreme high and low temperature environments such as industrial ovens, furnaces and kilns which are also commonly referred to as combustion air fans. Each high temperature fan is designed for the environment specified by our customers and manufactured from materials to suit including Carbon Steel, Weldox and Stainless Steel (grades 304, 316 & 321).

Our typical high temperature range cover temperature ranges from -50°C(-58°F) up to approximately 800°C (1500°F) and are offered in a multitude of assembly arrangements to suit including: Direct Drive, Belt Driven or via a flexible coupling. We offer cooling impellers, heat shields and reinforced intershrouds and back plates on our combustion air fans to suit our customers requirements and can also bring surface temperatures of our hot gas fans significantly down by using a double skin filled with Rockwool. Our Technical sales team will be able to advise you on the best option to suit your application.

Please view our product range all of which are available in high temperature versions for more information.