Will Burns Sponsorship 2014

Jan 13, 2014

Will Burns has been racing professionally as a race driver for the last four years. His racing incorporates promoting local businesses to a nationwide level in the highly competitive Ginetta racing series, as he moves up and prepares for his ultimate goal of racing in the British Touring Car Championship.

As part of the British Touring Car series the Ginetta GT Supercup is one of the UK’s favourite racing events. It is shown live on ITV4 to 14 million viewers in 2013 alone, having 366,000 thousand spectators with 94 hours of footage broadcast to the nation.

Will short career so far has produced great success and has progressed up the motorsport ladder, whilst also being part of a superb team Academy Motorsport. Academy has dominated the majority of the Ginetta championships over the last several years and Will is confident of more success in the future.

If you are interested in sponsoring Will along with Fans & Blaowers this year please contact us for further information.
Will Burns Sponsorship 2014