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Backward Bladed Centrifugal Fans


The BSNZ range of industrial centrifugal fans incorporate three widths as standard. These are 50%, 35% and 20%. Three widths give a range of 680m3/Hr to 100,000m3/Hr and pressures up to 70” WG and could be classified as a medium volume high pressure industrial centrifugal fan . The BSNZ can be designed and manufactured to ATEX Specification.

Key Features

  • Fully welded impeller
  • Direct drive or belt driven
  • The design of impeller enables light dust loadings
  • Stainless steel or various paint finishes available
  • Typical Applications include hot gas applications such as for cremators, incinerators ovens and kilns.
  • Available in ATEX Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 & Zone 22Suitable for clean air applications up to approximately 800°C (1500°F)
  • Standard motor is IP55 but is also available as EeXN and EeXD
  • A wide range of ancillaries available, such as filters, silencers, double skinned, or box enclosed, flexible connections and anti-vibration mounts


The BSNZ Centrifugal Fan is a direct replacement for the Fans & Blowers 'BSN' Range of fans. Legacy product Information can be found in our Downloads section

BSNZ PDF Download Legacy: BSNZ PDF Download