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Radial Bladed Centrifugal Fans


The QZ Range of industrial centrifugal fan is ideal for high pressure applications ranging from 85m3/hr to 6000m3/hr. The QZ centrifugal fan can be supplied as both direct drive and belt driven. Impellers are radial bladed and can handle light dust loadings. The QZ Industrial fan can be supplied with thickened casings to achieve lower noise levels. The QZ can also be designed and manufactured to ATEX certified specifications.

Key Features

  • Radial Bladed Impeller
  • Direct or belt Drive
  • Used in applications such as Air Knifes, Pneumatic Conveying and also combustion air applications such as cremators, incinerators, ovens and kilns 
  • All available in left and right hand format and various orientations
  • Standard paint or a range of special finishes
  • Suitable for clean air applications up to approximately 800°C (1500°F)
  • Available in ATEX Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 & Zone 22
  • Standard motor is IP55 but is also available as EeXN and EeXD
  • A wide range of ancillaries available, such as filters, silencers (double skinned or acoustic enclosure), flexible connections and anti-vibration mounts


The QZ Centrifugal Fan is a direct replacement for the Fans & Blowers 'Q' Range of fans. Legacy Information can be found in our Downloads section

QZ PDF Download Legacy: QZ PDF Download