What is ERP?

Mar 9, 2020

A new directive came into operation on 01 January 2013 covering energy efficiency of fans driven by motors with an electrical input power between 125W (0.125kw) and 500kw. This is known as Regulation 327/2011, implementing Directive 2009/125/EC.

The energy data calculations depend on fan type and kilowatt power. An energy efficiency grade is published for different fan types, the first grading known as Tier 1 is operative from 01 January 2013, a higher grade came into force on 01 January 2015. Tier 3 will be introduced in 2020/2021.

There is a grade for forward and radial bladed fans, another for backward bladed fans. Additional calculations apply, to cater for kw rating, different driving arrangements (eg direct or belt drive) and if motor included or supplied and fitted by others.

Our standard data is based on IE3 efficiency motors. There are calculations to arrive at fan overall efficiency and target efficiency. Overall efficiency calculation is based on actual input power to the motor. To meet the requirements, the overall efficiency has to be equal to or greater than the target efficiency. Data is based on the fan optimum efficiency operating point and does not necessarily have any relevance to the actual operating conditions. Specific energy efficiency information as detailed in the directive has to displayed on a fan nameplate and this, plus additional information, presented in the form of a separate technical document.

There are many fan types exempt from the directive including hazardous area fans (ATEX) hot gas above 100°C, conveying fans, corrosive & abrasive applications, fans with pressure rise above a defined limit and others outside the scope of our market range. In reality the identification and defining of some of these exceptions will be problematic, therefore in many cases we will still supply energy efficiency information.

With a few special design and higher pressure exceptions, all of the Fans & Blowers range complies with the directive. Methods used in the directive are based on ISO 12759 and our methodology also refers to this standard. Other countries may adopt similar legislation to the EC Directive, based on ISO 12759. As with other directives it will not be legal to place onto the market within the EC, any fan not complying with the requirements. Any fan that does not comply but is destined for use outside the EC will not have a CE mark.

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